Learning at buttercups

Our aim is to provide the best possible childcare a parent could wish for

We are Sue and Hannah a mother a daughter team. We founded Buttercups Childcare in September 2007. Having both worked in various childcare environments over a number of years, we had a desire to open our own setting using the knowledge and experience we had gained during this time. Our aim was to provide the best possible childcare a parent could wish for. A small friendly setting with a difference, a “home from home” environment offering high quality childcare for children aged 0 – 5years.

There have been many studies and debates on early years care and education over many years and the National Institute of Education highlight the fact that children
generally learn and develop better when they are cared for and educated in smaller groups.

We founded buttercups to provide childcare and education with this in mind and we pride ourselves on providing “outstanding” care for children in a small friendly home based setting. We have two qualified nursery nurses, Elaine and Laura who work with us to provide care for the children.  

We provide care for the children in two age groups 0 – 2 years and 2 – 5 years.

In our 0 – 2 years room we work on a ratio of one adult to every three children and have a maximum of six places in total.

In our 2 – 5 years room we work on a ratio of one adult to every 4 children and have a maximum of 8 places in total.

The benefits of providing childcare in small groups ensures we know the children and parents very well, this enables us to meet the children’s’ individual needs, provide continuity of care, and offer a friendly, familiar environment in which a child feels safe and secure. Children benefit from being in a smaller group by building close relationships with their careers and the other children, taking part in activities that are focused around their own interests and abilities, as well as having the social interaction of being part of a small group.

We consider one of the most important things when choosing childcare is making sure that your child is safe, happy and well cared for. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, happy home based environment in which children can grow, learn and flourish to gain confidence and self esteem a foundation on which to build each child’s future learning to enable them to reach their full potential  towards leading a well balanced and happy life.