Ofsted Outsatnding 2012

Our last Ofsted inspection

graded our Care & Education as "Outstanding"

We are Ofsted registered childcare providers and offer professional childcare in a friendly home based setting. Parents who have visited our facilities have described us as a "micro nursery" as we are able to offer all the educational opportunity of a large nursery but with a much smaller group of children. We offer lower child to adult ratios ensuring children receive more personal individual care. We are able to ensure routines already established by parents with their babies or children are continued during their day with us. Familiar routines help babies and children feel safe, secure and re-assured. This helps them to settle into our care quickly and happily. We offer personal updates of how a baby or child is during the day to re-assure nervous or anxious parents whilst they are at work.

We provide a daily diary containing detailed information on a child’s day with us so parents and carers are well informed. Each child has their own learning journal with information on the Early Years Foundation principles and developmental stages.

Activities planned for each child are then observed and recorded in the learning journal.
This forms a record of the child’s learning and development and enables parents to see
how well their child is developing and learning.

We have just been graded “Outstanding” by Ofsted (office for Standards in Education).

Here’s what they have said about us:-

"The outstanding partnership with parents and others enhances children's care and learning. Sensitive settling-in procedures mean every child is confident, settled and happy. Parents comment on the excellent, informative, diaries they receive and on the excellent progress
their children are making."

"Children thoroughly enjoy their learning demonstrating excitement and motivation, which successfully promotes their skills for the future. Individual planning for each child's
development enables children to learn through self-discovery as well as focused activities."

"Children have daily opportunities for outdoor play and exercise. They help themselves to
fresh drinking water and make healthy choices from a range of snacks provided. They
enjoy nutritional home-cooked meals."

"The excellent deployment of resources provides an enabling environment for children.
The highly effective organisation promotes children's welfare and is extremely stimulating."

"Babies demonstrate that they feel secure as they snuggle in while having their bottle, They move around safely holding onto equipment and  are closely supervised by the adults. Older and more able children develop an excellent awareness of keeping themselves safe. Their behaviour is exemplary."

To see a copy of our full report please go to Ofsted Inspection report UNR number EY361355 and EY361356.